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InfraPro Today

  • Leading vertically integrated liquid gas transportation & handling company in Europe and Asia

  • To be at the forefront of the medical & industrial gas industry delivering environmentally friendly solutions for our customers and creating value for all our stakeholders

  • We aim to become the premier supplier of medical and industrial gas solutions to European and Asian markets

About Us

  • InfraPro is a leading vertically integrated technical gases transportation & handling company in CIS
  • InfraPro group of companies was established in 2014
  • Key supplier & service provider for various businesses in the nuclear, oil & gas,shipbuilding and chemical industries
  • We supply liquid and gaseous helium & other technical gases to European and CIS customers
  • We operate our own fleet of trucks and officially registered ISO containers
  • We provide transportation services of flammable gases & liquids
  • Own fleet of ADR-compliant vehicles (inc. CNG/LNG trucks), trained drivers & competent engineers
  • Hazardous Goods transportation licenses in place
  • Direct contracts with leading liquid gas producers
  • Partnership with EU and Asian transportation companies allows us to provide door-to-door international transportation services
  • Deep expertise in handling cryogenic & flammable liquids & high-pressure gases
  • Own handling facilities with diversified storage capacities allow us to maintain large stocks of liquid & gaseous helium and execute bulk trading (ISO containers) and wholesale distribution of helium among our European and Asian clients.
About Us
Our Advantages

Helium & Other Technical Gases

Sourcing / Origination

  • Leading gas transportation & handling company in CIS
  • Liquid helium and helium gas (4.0 – 6.0 grades)
  • Direct deliveries from the largest gas producing enterprises: Orenburg Helium Plant, INK helium plant, PGNiG and Amur Gas Processing Plant (under development)
  • Beneficial location of sourcing to cater for CIS, European and Asian markets


Bulk Logistics

  • Own fleet of ADR-compliant trucks
  • Largest fleet of ISO containers for transportation of liquid Helium in Central Asia
  • Experienced in-house logistics team
  • Partnership with international transportation companies allows us to provide door-to-door international transportation services to European and Asian clients

Storage &


  • 4 gas handling facilities: Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Ekaterinburg and Novosibirsk
  • Own fleet of high-pressure gas holders, cylinder bundles, ISO tanks & Dewars
  • Diversified storage & handling equipment allows us to maintain large stocks of liquid & gaseous products to ensure uninterrupted supply to our customers

Trading, Distribution

& Services

  • Bulk trading and delivery of liquid helium and other technical gases in ISO containers to European and Asian markets
  • Wholesale distribution of technical gases in Dewars, cylinders and cylinder bundles
  • Key supplier & service provider for various businesses in the nuclear, oil & gas, shipbuilding and chemical industries
  • Deep expertise in handling cryogenic ISO containers and equipment (liquid nitrogen refiling, release of gas cap, inspection and roadside repairs)
  • MRI liquid helium filling services
  • Specialized facilities equipped to provide MRI storage services

Global Transportation Of Hazardous Goods

InfraPro provides global hazardous goods transpiration services:
  • Storage, processing and transportation of liquefied gases: helium, oxygen, argon, LNG
  • Transportation of compressed and dissolved gases under pressure: LPG, CNG, hydrogen
  • Transportation of petroleum products
  • Transportation of liquid chemical products
  • Our fleet includes more than 70 transport units, represented by leading international and domestic manufacturers: Volvo, Scania, Schmitz Cargobull, Kamaz, Tonar
  • All our drivers are certified under the ADR program, our vehicles have the required certificates for transportation of hazardous goods
  • Own team of technosphere safety specialists (labor protection, traffic safety, ADR, transport security)
  • Deep knowledge of international ISO containers transportation in compliance with customs regulation and UN treaties
Key Advantages

Services And Equipment

InfraPro provides a wide range of specialized services to our customers
  • MRI helium refill & specialized storage services
  • Inspection of tank containers
  • Inspection and repair of cylinders
  • Customs clearance services
  • Helium purification services
  • The team of experienced engineers and trained ADR-compliant drivers
  • Broad experience in handling cryogenic equipment, ISO containers and high-pressure vessels
  • All required licenses in place: Rostekhnadzor license for the operation of hazardous production facilities, ISO 9001 (Quality Assurance System) and ISO 14001 (Environmental RMS) certificates
Key advantages

  • Regasification of liquid helium
  • Own production of high-pressure gas handling equipment
  • Supply of cryogenic and gas handling equipment to our customers

Our Certifications

Low-carbon emission transportation perspective

InfraPro is investing in future transportation solutions with low emissions footprint

We gradually increase our fleet of CNG trucks in order to provide our customers ESG committed transportation service

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